Most populated cities in the United States are under attack by left wing Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel, just to name a few bad apples in government.  Irresponsible leaders like these are just a few perfect examples of the problems our country face.   A few facts for the record show democrats foolishly waste money that is not theirs to waste, pushing a false narrative to acheive a personal agenda, not enforcing current law, breaking laws that are set by congress and the constitution of The United States Of America, and continuously lying to the American people.


Due to illegal immigration, our country is more dangerous now than ever before, we just haven't seen the devastating repercussions yet, only a small fraction.  We need to take back control of our country and build a southern and northern border wall system, along Mexico as well as Canada, comprised of technological security advancements, and construct a physical barrier high above and deep below ground.  National Guard and US Military need more support to cover air and sea.  We also need strict enforcement of current laws, changes to our existing laws, which includes, better air traffic control for commercial and private flights in and out of the United States.


Illegal immigration in the United States is a serious problem for the citizens of our great nation.  Countless citizens and legal residents have been killed by illegal aliens entering our country due to current laws not being enforced.  We have many loop holes in the current immigration system that cause the loss of life.  Statistics prove that illegal immigration is a drain on our economy, and take jobs and pay away from hard working Americans everyday.  It's also been documented that foreigners traveling to the US on visas, over stay their welcome and remain in the United States unlawfully, piggybacking off our healthcare system and abuse the system on multiple fronts, this goes for most illegal aliens as well.

The "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals", otherwise known as DACA, was unlawfully established under the Obama Administration through executive order, instead of through legislation which the law requires, as the US supreme court has disputed and made clear.  The DACA program was revisioned from the 2001 DREAM Act "Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors".   The DREAM Act would have essentially issued a temporary residence card, and potentially granted permanent residence status to illegal aliens signed up for the program that qualified.  The DREAM Act was unsuccessfully passed after several attempts through the Senate.  DACA doesn't offer path to citizenship, like the DREAM Act would have offered, but still imposes serious amnesty issues and proves clearly unfair to legal citizens, legal residents, and those applicants applying for such status of the United States.  Due to DACA being an unlawful program under democrat party control, when President Trump took office, he's taken positive steps by giving congress a timeframe to do it lawfully under the constitution and help protect those who appearly were smuggled, and in some cases, human trafficked into the United States by their parents or other means.


Our first amendment is and has been abused by many within the mainstream media, some American politicians, and other bias enterprises around the global, among others.  President Trump has been a very strong advocate for protecting and preserving the first amendment, which hasn't been seen in decades by a President.  Most of the press since the 2016 presidental campaign, has been brutally unfair to President Trump.  As legal citizens of the United States, we need to preserve our right to free speech and the constitution our founding fathers created for us as a nation, which includes, standing and honorably recognizing the national anthem.

The democrat party has been very anti-speech by manipulating and funding the press with bias remarks, anti-religion protests, and false accusations against the republican party.  This type of activity has been proven to be true.  Great Americans can see right through the hatred and false statements, which was initially funded by the DNC, the Clinton campaign, as well as Russian meddling attempts, and still continue after over a year since Hillary Clinton lost the election.


The route of the problem with overspending in the United States is subsidized benefits, and spending programs that don't work.  Millions of people in the United States receive financial benefits that negatively affect the economy.  After doing extensive research on many of the topics we're discussed here, we've compiled a list of programs that need to be reformed.

1. Medicaid (Legal citizen and actively looking for employment)

2. Welfare (Legal citizen and actively looking for employment)

4. Illegals (Exempt from any program and deported)

3. Food Stamps (Legal citizen and actively looking for employment)

5. Insurance (Legal citizen and legal residence)

6. Non-Profit Businesses (impose a small tax)

7. Donation (exempt from tax write-off)

8. Disability Benefits (Screen enrollees and vigoriously review appliants)


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